IWT’s enabling technologies offers speech recognition of all user voices regardless of accent or gender.

•Reliable speech recognition in ambient noise over 100dB
• Capacity to hold 199 languages and up to 1000 phrases per language
• Recognition accuracy over 95 %
• Power consumption of less than 0.10 watt, for over 65 hours of service
• System weight of 11 ounces
• Oven tested at 175 degrees F for 24 hours while operating with no failure or performance degradation
• Tested at –20 degrees F for 24 hours with no performance degradation
• Laboratory and field tested to ensure no electromagnetic interference problems with other equipment
• Highly resistant to most environmental conditions, including heat, cold, sand/dust, salt water, shock and electrostatic discharge.
• Rapid 30 minute basic training time


What's New

VRT Current Languages


MilTrans Bonus…
• 15 minutes of recorded cultural awareness information for Iraq including Do’s and Don’ts
• Effective language training as soldiers ‘immerse’ in output phrases for 199 languages
• Technology portable to laptops in near future



1. Systems, as pictured with megaphone attachment and per packing list below2. Five-year replacement warranty on all items... No Additional Cost
3. Laptop computer tools for application development... No Additional Cost
4. Unlimited on-site training by IWT personnel... No Additional Cost
5. Development of customer use application(s)... No Additional Cost
6. Software for all existing applications... No Additional Cost
7. Future upgrades to operating system software... No Additional Cost

The Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency
(DARPA) has funded IWT, Inc.
to develop, produce and
deploy a highly advanced
evolution of the Voice
Response Translator.




Packing List

1. Voice Response Translator with programmed module
2. Laminated graphical training aids (one set of aids attached to megaphone) per delivered application.
3. Video training disk
4. Megaphone, megaphone microphone
5. Megaphone batteries
6. Molle ammo pouch (VRT fits in it), larger Blackhawk pouch for unit also to hold VRT with chargers, manual.
7. Line power charger, Vehicle outlet charger, BA5590 connector charger
8. Two audio connection cables (one attached to megaphone)
9. Two permanent markers
10. One Blackhawk duffel bag or equivalent



MilTrans VRT

Integrated Wave
4042 Clipper Ct
Fremont, CA


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