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MilTrans VRT is the next generation of voice recognition technology from Integrated Wave Technologies (IWT),a  high technology company focusing exclusively on sound analysis-related R&D, marketing and production.  MilTrans  high-power processors provide precision eyes-free,  hands-free  capability, along with flexible foreign language recognition and continued low power consumption.

Integrated Wave Technologies (IWT) develops all software and hardware internally and concurrently for MilTrans VRTs. Software and hardware complement each other and create synergies with respect to accuracy, noise immunity, size and power consumption. Each generation VRT builds on successful design work of previous generations while advancing the state of the art.

IWT Founder’s Background

John Hall has nearly 40 years of semiconductor design work and over 60 fundamental patents, including pioneering work in low-power CMOS integrated circuit technology.

He co-founded Intersil with Fairchild Eight member Dr. Jean Hoerni and led all technical development there.

He has developed advanced electronics for medical, military, telecommunications and other industries. His decisive technological advantages to cutting-edge devices include:

  • CMOS technology and electronic watch application (Seiko);
  • First computerized heart pacemaker (Medtronic)
  • First electronic camera shutter (Canon)
  • First printing calculator (Seiko)
  • First pocket pager types (Harris, Kokusai)
  • Cellular phone technology (Nokia)
  • First Radiation-Hardened Computer
  • First Dielectric Isolation IC
  • Developed Low Cost Chip Assembly for B-1b Bomber Phased Array Radar Control Module
  • Assembly for Westinghouse Defense Systems
  • Infrared Focal Plane Sensor Array for Aerojet General

For more on IWT visit www.i-w-t.com

Contact Info

Timothy McCune
President, Chief Technologist
202 549 3096

Laura Madonna
Marketing, Sales, Training
202 441 0791

Cindy Cook-Johnson
Business Manager



MilTrans VRT

Integrated Wave
4042 Clipper Ct
Fremont, CA


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